Something Someone Told Me About Myself That I Never Forgot.

It's funny what a person remembers, I for example don't really know what's the things someone told me I never forgot. There are plenty. For instance I guess we can all remember when someone tells us that you're pretty, or remark a good feature of us.

My great aunt's taught me self confidence since little cause they would ask me: "How is (my name)?" and I had to answer "Pretty".

I've been told I'm pretty certain times, I've also had comments like "I love your hair" or "Your eyes are pretty" and I guess a girl it impacts you somehow, well even as a guy. However there's something I know about myself and it's that it makes me sad that I always look for people's comments.

I mean I like being told I'm a certain way and who doesn't? We are all humans but I've learn that what makes you feel good isn't the comments but the people that give them.

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For example my mom always tells me I'm pretty but it never haves an impact on me, because it's my mom like I know I could be the ugliest thing in earth and she'll say I'm pretty. Of course I appriciate that comment but what I mean is that it doesn't have the same impact.

My friends also give me comments like that and it does feel nice.

One time we were talking about like dating and relationships and I said that I didn't think I would have a relationship because guys don't see me that way and one of my friends that tends to be sarcastic and always jokes with you like when she sees a trash can she says something like "Your twin!". And when I said that she said with all the honesty in the world that she thinks I'm the most attractive person.

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Another friend also told me I looked like Zoella Sugg and I wanted to die because she's my idol and I find her so pretty and that she thought that was really nice.

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But I think I feel the most flatered when this comments come from total strangers. I mean this is people who have never seen you, know you or even talked to you. And they however have the corage to come and tell you something nice about yourself.

But I think what hits me more than comments about my physical appearence it's about my personality or the way I am. Like someone telling me I'm smart or funny.

I don't know what's a comment that has hit me so much that I can't forget about it. I remember most of them, but because they can all hit you in a certain way.

I guess what I want to say is that it's good to tell people nice things about themselves cause you don't know what that person is going through. Always give positive comments because negative comments can damage a person more than physical negativity.

Whoever reads this article I want you to know that you are everything you think you're not. Whatever your insecurities are embrace them cause it's part of you, don't be afraid to show them. We are born to stand up.

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