Even though that was just a year ago, a lot of things happened in a year so Ten things I would tell my 16-year-old self would be..

1. Stop being scared to pursue you dreams.

Even though I'm having a hard time with my youtube dream, I'm getting there by doing things that involve thing to get me closer to actually doing it.

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2. Live in the Moment, Don't live in the past or future.

Re-living the past or Thinking about the future was one of my problems, which would leave me really depressed and unhappy, so me living in the moment and not worrying about what I should've done or what I'm going to do clears my head and makes life so much easier.

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3.Be more Open, and Social.

I always stay home and mope around because I had nothing to do, or my friends would hang out with all my other friends and not even ask me would really bum me out, but know I would just go do stuff with my family or meet new people and hang out with them and be more social.

4. Know that you have a lot of friends then you think.

Even though I talk to none of the friends that use to talk to lot now, making friends with the people in my class and reconnecting with my old friends makes everything better.

5. Self Love.
I never really loved myself as much a I should, when I was 16 but now I'm learning how to do it, and even though it's sometimes hard, its benefiting me really much.

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6. Stop worrying about other people.

People don't worry about me, why should I worry about them? Its a waste of time and energy when I could be doing something else with myself like getting into a new hobby or doing my work.

7. Boys are stupid.

Enough said.

8. Friends come and go, so don't be upset when they do leave.

Friends are going to come and go from your life and even though you made a connection with them and bonded with them, they have their life to live and you have to live yours. If it was meant to be they'll come back to you somehow.

9. You are loved

You might think no one like s you but everyone that you made a connection with does.

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10. Don't be scared to try new things.

Enough said.

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So that was DAY 4 I hope you like it and I hope you understand what I was trying to say. and I'll see you tomorrow.