Just like regret beats gratitude
And ego defeats pity
In a huge city
Full of arrogant and ignorant people..
As the eye catches the first sight
And the following blink captures the light ..
And questions its existence at night..
While the mind and soul starts to fight ..
Whether it's logical or fictional..
A pinned thought with an eternal question mark ..
Flashing through the dark ..
And a careless feeling brushing it all away ..
Unsentimental .. They claim to be..
Broken pieces and a full mess ..
Not the picture they want us to see ..
Unsentimental they claim to be..
While they cry in a corner of the sea ..
Arrogant people with so much sorrow..
Sticking their heads through sharp glass and smiling perfectly..
Ignorant people with so much memories of being ignored themselves..
Victory they think they achieved..
Pathetically unaware of their position..
With an intention to please their own self ..
Sorry I should feel ..
For every arrogant and ignorant person out there ..
Realization awaits ..
Keep that in mind..