Every day it though round all my mind and reminds me that we aren’t alone, do you agree? Or disagree? I’m gonna to explain my point of view.

Well, I am not saying that we aren´t alone, because there are ghosts or another kind of spooky creatures; nether I’m referring about angels or spiritual divinities; it just because sincerely I don’t feel that I have the enough knowledge for talk about that. Today, I wanna to talk based on a total real context, like the environment in which you will evolve almost all your life, and that I’m sure that although isn’t equal in all the world, it’s similar everywhere. That environmental that works based in money, in products, in how success are you in life, in how logical are you, in how responsible can you be, the same world that sometimes just want that we change ourselves and we will be work machines instead of people than would be hurt usually for every substantial idea.

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You aren’t alone because there is anyone who your decisions can affect.
Although you didn’t like to believe in it or you just prefer to ignore that fact (I’m sure that not everybody is self-centered), the things that you decide to do, create a better or worse world. Obviously, your live is more affected by them than another life experiences, but invitingly we are in the same world, if you waste water now, anyone in another moment in another country probably, gonna to regret it. I mean, we are part of the same world, we are a big (really big) community.

I don’t say that It fact implies, you should change your mind and became yourself in an activism or that you just should to stop and be really unselfish, I just want that you will be more conscious that we are part of the same world, that you can do the thing better around you, that you really can change the world (ok, maybe just a little, but you can!), you can really relate everybody not just like work machines as sensible people. And stay calm, because although when there are moments that you just don’t want to do nothing, or you don’t know what it’s your purpose in life, it’s fine, While you aren’t know how to contribute, in another part there are anyone who are trying do the world better, It is not hurry, you are gonna to find it and use it in the correct way when the world really need it. Meantime

You aren’t alone because there is almost one person that had lived the same than you in another moment.

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You aren’t alone because your heart and mind don’t are compose just for yourself, always there are someone else who are important for you (sometimes It’s good, sometimes you should have tried to change that).

You aren´t alone because there are quotes, poems, even situation that you heard or read, and you just can think that were based in your life, although you never have told them to anyone.

You just are feeling alone because you decided that, I can ensure you that in another part there is someone trying to create a better world for yourself, for me and for you.

And also, I know that also there are bad-people, but I prefer to think that they are lesser than everybody whose want a happiness world (without give importance who many money you have).