i can't remember the moment
when everything got numb.
i only know that my cheeks are wet
and that my head hurt.

i saw myself in third person.
i saw me.
pathetic, crying,
internally screaming.

i saw me breaking me
in millions of parts,
looking how they
started to fall and
cutting me with them all.

then i saw you,
and how you didnt care.
how you only pretended attention.
looking how i became
just a lonely and sad dust.

and i thougthed
"when did summer nights got so cold?"
cause i remember them warmer,
but you took that from me too.

and i wishpered
"since when am i so empty?"
maybe since i filled you with my soul.

and again,
with a last breathe,
everything is numb.
evertyhing hurts again.