First, what are angels?

We always see in pictures, statues and stories of these humans with wings. But angels in reality are from a very high dimension, close to God, that is why they are called God's messengers. They are messengers of love and light. Because they are in a high dimension, it is beyond 3D, so they have no bodies. They are simply light, light beings if you will. Those who are psychic and those who are becoming more sensitive, will see glimpse of light of different colours. That is how angels are, just beings of beautiful light. Their 'wings' are actually their bright aura / light. But because humans recognise them in this form, they may appear in this form to make you feel more comfortable. For instance, when you need a hug, you may feel and imagine their wings wrapping around you, covering you with their divine love and warmth.

And because they are light, they are fluid and there is no time in the high dimensions, I know at first I would feel bad for calling the angels because I felt like I was disturbing them for little things. But that is a misconception, because there's no time, angels can appear multiple places at once, they can be in different dimensions and planets all at once. And honestly, there's so many angels out there, even some aren't doing anything, they are just waiting for you to ask for their help. So never feel bad for asking angels. They are literally EVERYWHERE. In fact, there's an angel for each grass that grows. Have you ever walked around and seen grass and flowers grow through cracks of walls and streets and be like how did you manage to grow there? The angels are literally encouraging these beautiful plants. How lovely is that?!


What you have to understand with connecting with angel and any gods and guides is that seeing is not believing. If you have the mentality of if I can't see it, it doesn't exist then you are creating this block yourself.
Believing is seeing

Once you put all your faith in yourself and your connection with the higher beings, the most beautiful of miracles will happen. I know because I have felt and witness them. But first, believe.

If you do want to believe but can't then ask the angels to help you believe.

Different Types of Angels

There are many types of angels in the angelic realm, there's no such thing as rank they all are wonderful and are ready to help if you need it and they all have their specific colour / light signature. It is up to you who you decide to call.

Guardian Angels

These angels are with you from birth to death. Before you are born here on earth, you had to write a contract, on what you need to learn and achieve here on earth, your purpose and when you start your life and when it ends. So understand there's no grim reaper waiting to take your life, you leave when you wrote you would leave, that's still your free will. But there's cases where your life may be at risk before your time to leave and that's why only then your angels and guides will intervene to help you without asking, to protect your free will. And along with this contract, you are given your guides and your guardian angels, who will live this life with you to guide you so you achieve what you came on earth to do.

So you see? You were not born alone, you are not going to die alone. There's no such thing. You are always accompanied by these angels and guides. Only when you die, then you remember these thing and who you truly are. Death is only a transition, it's just you going home, but when we chose to be born on earth, we had to go through amnesia so we can start fresh in order to learn the things we need to learn. And of course, in this mission you are never alone, not one second goes by that you should ever feel alone, because in reality you are not. Only if you put it in your mind that you are alone, then you yourself are creating this thought and reality or should I say illusion.
If you keep thinking and feeling alone, try connecting to the angels. I can assure you, the most beautiful and magical of things will happen to you and your life when you accept your guides and angels. I know some may feel like they don't need any help, like they want to do things all by themselves, they just need to control everything themselves. There's nothing wrong with that.
But imagine, you are a farmer, you've been using your hands to dig and plant your whole life and suddenly you come across a new tool, a shovel, which will help you to farm faster and with ease. Now you as a farmer what would you do? Would you go back to using your hands, or are you going to use the tool that is being offered to you.

Everything in life is a blessing, if you choose to see it.

Accepting help doesn't make you weak, it makes you smart. Why make yourself suffer when the universe offers you the most beautiful of things. Help from the angels, is always love. Even if you just want a hug or little encouragement, angels will not hesitate to cover you with their warmth and unconditional love. Speaking from experience, this is a type of love, that is indeed very rare. Angel's love is like no other. It's an unforgettable love. It's the purest of love. All fear and worries and heart ache just floods away, if you let your angels help.

Some may think how come they have not help me already? On Earth there's a thing called Free Will. Which means no one can interfere with whatever choice you make, so unless a situation is life risking, the angels cannot interfere unless you ask for help It's like signing a consent form.
They will help you but cannot interfere because remember you came on earth to do and accomplish certain things. Earth is a school, you came here for the exam, and you need to pass this test (achieve what you came here to do). You have help from the whole universe for this exam but at the end of the day, you need to answer these questions/achieve these things yourself. That's something no one can do for you, they can only help and assist.

Also, if you ask for things that doesn't concur with your contract that you wrote and you feel like whatever you are asking is not happening. You need to accept it's happening for a reason.
Think of it as a sign of which direction to take.
One Example:
I was someone that took failure quite heavily, I remember applying to college at the last moment because of circumstances, that was my last chance into getting into college because everywhere else was already full. So when I didn't get into that college, I didn't take it well at all. I was very sad and depressed. But after a few days, my mom told me she got me an interview with a college that was only 10 mins away from home and where all my friends went. That's when I realised, ah, I had to be rejected from the other one because I was never meant to be there.

Even the hardest of times, are sometimes blessings in disguise to guide you in the right direction. We may think we are on the right direction but the one who really knows whether you are on the right direction or not is our higher selves.
Remember you underwent amnesia, the guides and angels are hear to guide and help, you are not alone, if you let them help you will see how things just fall into place in your life. Which I have the honor of experiencing everyday, thanks to the angels and guides. And if you allow it, you will too :) That's why I'm making this article, when I was in high school, I was depressed a lot and felt very lonely and unloved, since I learned about the angels I'm like wow why didn't I do this or know this earlier?! I felt loved like never before! And I want you all to be happy too, that's why I'm sharing.

There are many signs that angels may send or you may experience when they around, here is some but I'm sure you will have your own beautiful experiences too

  • Feathers floating around, seeing feathers around, even in the most unusual of places. (I even found a tiny feather in my phone case lol)
  • Finding coins randomly
  • Feel warmth when you call them
  • Feel a breeze when you call them
  • Seeing lots of birds, or seeing birds more than often
  • Tingles, you may feel little tingles on some parts of your body
  • May see glimpse of flashing light from the corner of your eye, and when you turn to the light it is gone. Ever angel have their own colour for e.g. with Archangel Micheal you may see glimpse of blue, deep blue and indigo.
  • You may suddenly burst into tears, feel bliss, happiness and at peace when they are around
  • You may get some thoughts (always positive ones), you may ask a question and answer your own question in your thoughts. May wonder about something and get the answer in your head, then you realised, how did I know that? That's how angels and guides communicate, through your thoughts.
  • Butterflies. Seeing butterflies often and sometimes in weird places.
  • Waking up from your sleep, with a tune/song in your head.
  • Seeing numbers like 1414, 1444, 444
  • You think of a song, then suddenly you hear it on TV or the radio
  • Synchronicities, thinking of angels then suddenly a song comes on about angels
  • You think of a person and that person calls

There's so so many ways of connecting to angels

Simply Call them

Simply saying angels I need you is enough, out loud or mentally. Get into the habit of calling your guardian angels. Even for little things like accompanying you on a walk to school or work or wherever. You might get a magical experience :)
Even if you do not know which angel to call for specific things, it doesn't matter, the angels will naturally direct you to the correct angel, so worry not about calling the wrong angel, they all work together anyway :)


Angels are attracted to candles like moths are attracted to light at night. Because the angels are of high vibration/frequency, turning on candles naturally raises the vibration of wherever you light your candle, facilitating the connection of the angel to you. That is why turning on candles creates a relaxing and nice mood because it's elevating the energy around you to a higher level.
Use coloured candles according the angel's corresponding colour. But white candles work for all angels.


  • Clear Quartz is good for any angel connection
  • If your question is love and relationship related then Rose Quartz and pink crystals are good
  • For Wisdom and information, Amethyst
  • For wealth, then pyrite, citrine etc.


'I am thankful that I am now connected with my angels.'
'I am thankful I am always protected by my angel'
'I am thankful I am always loved by my angels'
'I am thankful my angels are always guiding me in the right direction'
'I trust and believe in myself'
'I trust and believe in my angels'
'I trust and believe in god'


Trust and believe in your angel and trust and believe in yourself. Trust your angel will help you with whatever you asked for. Faith makes the process go quicker.

Archangels and angels

Archangels are bigger and powerful angels, they are usually head of the group. But like I said there's no rank because everyone is equal in higher dimensions. And if you call an Archangel, they always, always come with a huge team of angels anyway.

Archangel Michael

  • Corresponding colour: Blue / Purple / Gold
  • The leader amongst the archangel - if you don't know which angel you need for a specific situation, this is the angel to call.
  • Gets rid of the earth's toxin, which is also known as fear. As we see in the pictures, he is seen holding a sword. That 'sword' is used to cut all the cords of fear.
  • Call him every time you feel scared, have negative thoughts, worries and fears.
  • Helps in fixing electrical and mechanical devices for e.g. computers and phones.
  • Helps those who feel lost or stuck in regards to their life purpose and career
  • Gives strength, direction, protection, space clearing, spirit releasement and increasing self esteem

Archangel Raphael

  • Corresponding colour: Green
  • Powerful healer of physical bodies both for humans and animals
  • Helps in attracting wealth
  • Heals quickly, he has a fast energy to him, when you call him you may feel like you just drank coffee or something, because of his fast energy
  • If someone around you needs healing, calling Archangel Raphael for that person is helpful although he cannot interfere with that person's free will if they are not open to the spiritual healing but his presence alone can help soothe that person
  • Helps with Addictions and cravings
  • Helps with travel
  • Guides human healers on which treatment is needed for patients
  • If you work in the health profession, make Archangel Raphael your work buddy, consult with him.
  • Also helps those learning and aspiring to work in the medical field

Archangel Chamuel

  • Corresponding colour: Pink/Red
  • Recover lost things
  • Helps in relationship building and strengthening
  • Attaining World Peace
  • Helps in those seeking their soul mate

Archangel Gabriel

  • Corresponding colour: Silver
  • Help with fertility
  • Helps with arts and communication, for the actors, artists, authors, dancers, teachers, artistic endeavours, delivering spiritual messages, television work work

Archangel Zadkiel

  • Corresponding colour: Violet
  • Helps you feel mercy and compassion for other and yourself
  • Helps you to let go of judgements
  • Helps you to forgive others and yourself
  • Replaces negative energy with faith and compassion
  • Helps us to see the divine light within ourselves and others instead of focusing on personalities, mistakes and ego
  • Memory enhancement for tests and studies

Archangel Haniel

  • Corresponding colour: Silver
  • Recover lost secrets of natural healing remedies, for e.g. harnessing moon's energy in potions, crystals etc.
  • Adds beauty, harmony, company of wonderful friend in your life
  • Helps in staying poised and centred before important speech, performance or job interview
  • Developing your psychic abilities, especially clairvoyance

Archangel Ariel

  • Corresponding colour: Green
  • Help in protecting water bodies, lakes, rivers and ocean, healing with this angel may be rewarded with wonderful manifestations and increased magical power
  • Healing and protecting nature

Archangel Azrael

  • Corresponding colour: Black / Deep Purple
  • Known as the Angel of Death
  • Help people cross over to heaven
  • Surrounds grieving family and all involved, with healing energy and divine light
  • Works with consolers to shield the from absorbing clients pain
  • See there's no scary grim reaper waiting to take your life, just a loving angel waiting kindly.
  • Help with grieve for e.g. during a break up

Archangel Jeremiel

  • Corresponding colour: Dark Purple / Gold
  • Helping you review your life and make changes if needed
  • Offers psychic dreams
  • Clairvoyance, prophetic visions

Archangel Jophiel

  • Corresponding colour: Yellow
  • The Archangel of Art and beauty
  • Has an uplifting energy, that's fun and pleasant like an ideal best friend
  • Helps us think beautiful thoughts and see and appreciate the beauty around us so we can create and manifest more beauty into our lives
  • Helps with artistic projects and illuminates our creative spark
  • Helps in creating beauty at home, at work, in our relationships
  • Also protects tree of knowledge
  • Helps you to slow down and smell the roses

Archangel Metatron

  • Corresponding colour: Gold
  • Is the keeper of the Akashic Records (also known as the book of life)
  • Helps in this connection of heaven to earth, if you need help on how to work with the angelic realms Archangel Metatron is your guy.
  • He especially helps with children labelled having ADD and ADHD
  • Helps parents, teachers, scientists and health care professionals
  • Helps children to love themselves
  • Can help you understand things like people's motivation for action and why certain situations happen.
  • Helps you overcome procrastination and to take bold steps forwards

Archangel Sandalphon

  • Corresponding colour: Gold
  • Helps to carry human prayers to go so they can be answered
  • Helps with music, all involvement with music he will help

Archangel Uriel

  • Corresponding colour: Purple / Indigo / Violet
  • The wisest of the angels, he is like the old sage who has all the information and wisdom
  • He may come to you through a great new idea that comes to you
  • Helps with floods, earthquakes and disasters, to heal and recover from aftermath
  • For exams and studies, Archangel Uriel can provide the knowledge

Archangel Raziel

  • Corresponding colour: Purple / Indigo
  • Works close to god, so knows all the secrets of the universe and multiverse, wrote all these secrets in the book of Angel Raziel
  • Ask angel Raziel if you need to understand:
  • Helps to open you up to higher levels of psychic abilities, increase your ability to hear, see, know and feel Divine guidance.

Archangel Raguel

  • Corresponding colour: Blue / Purple / Gold
  • He oversees the angels and archangels to ensure everything is in order.
  • Helps those who feel mistreated become more empowered and respected.
  • He'll energise you when you need the boost
  • Helps with various things, is your counselor, therapist, motivational coach, he is multitalented and will help you with many things
  • Helps resolving arguments

Go out and Experiment. Go have your own special experience and connection with your angels. You will stop looking for others for love, because once you feel the angel's love, you'll understand what true love it. You will learn to truly love yourself. Smile~ you just made millions of friend by opening this door to the angels.
If you need any advice on the angels or just want to share your own experience I'm here~ just message me. \(^_^)/