Hey guys! So in this article I thought of sharing with you how a day in my life looks like.


I wake up around 7:00am and start getting ready for school. My usual routine consists of brushing my teeth,doing my makeup,getting dressed and then if I'm in a good mood I will do something pretty to my hair.

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Something close to that :)

After I finish getting ready I go to the kitchen where my dear mommy is sitting at the table waiting to eat a small breakfast with me.

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Sandwiches with a healthy juice❤

Around 7:45am I leave for school. My mom is the one always taking me to school until I will finally have my license. It takes quite a while to get to school because of the traffic.

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When I reach my school I quickly go upstairs to my classroom and settle. I take my books for the first hour then I put on my headphones and listen to some music while I either read something,do some of the homework I was too lazy to do the night before or just go through my phone(I will add at the end some of the song I listen to).
Usually my bestie gets to school about 20 minutes after I get there so until the first period starts we chat about makeup,books,food,and about guys of course. Each day I have six classes.


After I finish all my classes I go home and take a much needed nap because everything tires me up.

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I sleep around 2 hours because most days I have a lot of homework to do.I have at least 2 essays to do,each should have at least 2 pages.After those essays I also have math homework.And when I'm done with those I start studying for my biology test.
While I do my homework I like to listen to some music,I prefer classic music because it really helps me concentrate on my tasks.

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Biology is my favourite subject at school.

My dad gets home from work at 7:00pm so as soon as he reaches home we have dinner together.

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For desert we eat a small piece of chocolate cake with ice-cream.

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Around 9:00pm I finish all my homework. I then go eat a quick snack because I'm always hungry. After my quick snack I join my parents and we spend some time together. We watch TV together,we laugh we play with our puppy until it's time for me to get ready for bed.
I put my books in my bag,choose what I'll wear the next day at school then I do my usual routine.I take off my makeup,wash my face and brush my teeth. After that I sometimes put a mask on then I use a cream that helps hydratate my skin.I always drink a cup of water before I go to sleep. When the clock hits 11pm i head to my bed and lay down and for about half an hour I read till I fall asleep.

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As I said earlier I will list some of the songs I listen to:

  • Call the police-G Girls
  • Milk and Honey-G Girls
  • Nirvana-Inna
  • OMG-Camilla Cabello
  • Havana-Camilla Cabello
  • Supplies-Justin Timberlake
  • Wild Thoughts-Rihanna
  • Swalla-Jason Derulo

These are some of the songs I listen to :)
Hope you like my article :)