The perks of being a wallflower

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My alltime favorite movie, it focuses on teenagers feelings; mostly the main character Charlie. An emotional, unpopular teen troubled by old disturbing childhood memories. I recommend the movie and the book!

Donnie Darko

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My second favorite movie. It's one of those movies that first confuses you but then you starts to understand. In this movie we follow Donnie Darko a boy who is troubled my his own thoughts and mind, like that he sees a 6 foot bunny who tells him the world is going to end in 28 days. - Donnie is also played by handsome young Jake Gyllenhaal

Skins (uk)

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ugh, the best show ever that focuses on teenagers. In this show we get to follow a number of teens and what they're going through, every character has an own episode. My favorite seasons is 1,2 and 3.

IT (2017)

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this movie is just such a nice movie, with and without pennywise (the clown) it shows how strong friendships can be. (Stephen King even threw in a gangbang scene between the teens in the book ;)))

The breakfast club

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A movie about five different teens who spends detention in school on a saturday, all with different reasons to be there.


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A teenage girl gets pregnant, and don't have the balls to do an abortion so she decides she'll give it to someone who really wants a baby.

The basketball diaries

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Yaas, a movie with young Leonardo Dicaprio! - this movie is about a group of friends who lives in new york and loves to play basketball. sounds pretty normal right? well, plot twist they do drugs, we will ecspecially see how the main character Jim gets addicted to coke and other drugs but ecspecially heroin, we'll see his life turn upside down thanks to drug addiction

The outsiders

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ok honestly I started watching this movie because of all the hot guys heheh. - In the outsiders we will follow a group of boys so called 'greasers' who kind of are outsiders. The main character Ponyboy Curtis and his friend Johnny must flee away from the town when Johnny kills a man who tried to murder Ponyboy. And that's the beginning of their journey.

Lady bird

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Lady bird is about Christine who has given herself the name Lady bird and her life with her mother who has just as strong personality as herself, her love life, her friendships and so on.

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