hi guys. i've been reflecting a lot lately on how the usage of we heart it has decreased lately. this platform has been incredibly influential in my life with everything i've done the past few years. these are the reasons i'm still here, and the reason that hopefully will show you why this place is so amazing.

- it makes me feel like i belong.
- this is a place where nobody from real life can find me.
- the people here are lovely. truly lovely.
- inspiration is found here so easily.
- you are free to express any opinion here.
- you can write and share with people as if you are a real author.
- people can share their pictures on a place where they are easy to find.
- it makes me feel organized.
- it helps me clear my head.
- sometimes, it makes me realize how shitty i've been to some people.
- not only is it fun to find aesthetic pictures, but it's convenient.
- allows me to be creative.

if you ask me why so many lovely people are leaving the website/app, i won't have an answer. it's truly sad, i feel like i can't talk to as many people through pictures and silly captions that nobody reads. if you're still here, or even if you're new, i applaud you. thank you for reading this, and for simply being here. i love you guys <3 xx