Aloe vera is my Number one product for every day and this is one thing in my routine that I cannot live without.

I'm about to tell you why.

Best hydration

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If you have a dry skin or dry patches, you must use aloe vera. I'm telling you for real! This thing is amazing when it comes to dry skin. I have my skin hydrated just because of this.


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No more expensive primers that don't do much. Use aloe vera and your makeup will stay good for a longer time.


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Say no to bumps. Although this will not get rid of, it might help to heal them quicker and provide prevention in the future.

Acne Cure

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Having those small bums under our skin? After only a month I got rid of them once and for all. I have no idea how this plants works but it does the job well. Acne scars will get brighter and brighter and acne will fade eventually.

Split hair ends killer

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If you have any problems with split hair ends, try to use aloe vera instead of your regular hair oil. I could help!

Sensitive skin friendly

Temporarily removed

Good for all skin types.


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After having a shower/bath this plant does wonders when it comes to smoothing your skin. Also, it smells nice as well.

I personally use Holika Holika or nature republic. You just have to make sure that your aloe vera is >90% real. When I buy a container of a product, I use for about 2 to 3 months. So it is very cheap if you think about it.

Have a wonderful day and make sure to stay hydrated!