' HE ' is everything.
can be anything he wants.
somedays ' HE ' is the sun,and somedays ' HE 'is the moon.
' HE ' can be the whole earth, but as the same time can be a little, tiny drop of rain from hundreds of drops.
' HE ' is the air and the sky.
' HE ' is the reason we all alive.
so tell me,
if ' HE ' is everyhing, what about us? what about you? me?
is ' HE ' inside you? maybe ' HE ' is inside you mother, your best friend, your manager.
maybe ' HE ' is inside you.
think aout it for a second,
according to my theory, if ' HE ' is inside everything, ' HE ' has to be inside all of us.
we all ' HIM ', and ' HE ' is all us.