Dear mom,

First of all I want to thank you for being my mom. You're an amazing and wonderful woman. You are my inspiration. The things you had to go through last year were a lot, you were so strong during all the shit you had to go through.

2017 wasn't easy for the whole family, but you were there for everyone when they needed you. But don't forget I'm here for you when you need. You can just ask me and I will be here for you.

You learned me a lot, in the 19th years I'm here on this earth. I learned to love myself, to stand up for myself, to stay strong even when staying strong isn't easy. The person who I'm right now, is because you and dad. You made me and learned me so much and I'm really thank full for that. People always say that heroes don't exist but mom you are my superwoman.

Thank you mom for being amazing, wonderfull, strong and beautiful woman. I'm proud to call you my mom.


your daughter.