she was lost .
she was possessed by her thoughts not sharing them with anyone.
she heard what she shouldn't ,and felt what she wasn't allowed to.
she feared loneliness and ended up her only friend.
she tried and tried until she got no stamina left, but at least she tried.
she lived every single day just like another episode of her meaningless life.
she wished to live on her own in island so far away from human beings .
she thought everyone would be better if she wasn't here.

until that day when:

she met herself ,
she was frustrated to see how awful she looked like .
she wasn't that kind of girls who would start a conversation from nothing.
she didn't know if it was out of shyness or just the desir to stay quiet .

But this time it was different.
she felt curious about herself
she wanted to know how she ended up like that
she took the right step for the first time in so long
she got to know herself more than anyone does
she began to love herself and care about it
she realized finally that she was her only friend who neglected for decades

find yourself