I don´t know if anyone has done this but if someone has, shoutout to them/you!
I love Music, mostly EDM, Electric Dance Music. If you didn´t know already. But here we go!

E - Everbody hates me by The Chainsmokers

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Love this song and it reminds me very much of when i saw them live in the begining of March. Love them and this song!

V - Virus by Martin Garrix and MOTI

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I´m a huge Garrix fan and a fan of this song, even if it´s a bit "older" still works fine by me.

E - Everyday - Ariana Grande feat Future

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I Think this is a dope track

L - Like i do - David Guetta, Martin Garrix & Brooks

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Fucking love this song! So dope vocal and drop in it.

I - In the name of love - Martin Garrix feat Bebe Rexha

in the name of love, Lyrics, and bebe rexha image in the name of love, quote, and bebe rexha image

Martin, my love! Love him and this song has been a huge fav since the first time. Love the vocal and it fits the track so good.

N - Never say goodbye - Hardwell, Dyro feat Bright Lights

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Have loved this song from sicne the first time i Heard it and still love so much. The vocal get me everytime for beeing so awesome and true! If you haven´t Heard the song, go and check it out :)

A - Alive - Dannic

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Not so famous DJ/producer but i can recomend you to check him out. This song is really good and the lyrics really gets to you in a way.

There you go, i hope you enjoyed it! :)
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