So I deleted my Instagram and my Finsta accounts a few weeks ago and my life literally hasn't been impacted in the slightest. I know in today's world social media is a huge part of almost everyone's life. Instagram was my most used and favorite platform; I posted so much, I even used apps to get more likes. It was a desperate pull for attention and validation that I was living my "best life". I would be obsessed with who would like my photos or how long it would take certain people to notice I posted. Like most girls with a crush, I'd often look at his Insta and see who's posts he'd like or I'd stare at the feeds of girls I envied. Overall it was just a toxic thing that'd I'd subject myself to daily. Over time I slowly retracted myself from it. I posted maybe once every month, sometimes even longer. I got on Instagram for the sole purpose of looking at funny pictures or videos, not even bothering to look at my own feed. One day I just kind of sat back and realized that Instagram was not for me. It was deteriorating my self esteem, and taking up time that I could be spending doing something else, like reading a book or enjoying time actually talking to people. At the same time I was living my life behind the screen of my phone, taking pictures of everything and never seeing it for myself. So when I deleted Instagram for the first week or so I missed it, I even reactivated my Finsta because I thought that I missed it and I wanted to see what was going on in the lives of others. But as soon as I reactivated it I felt bad and I wanted to go back to my hiatus. So I once again deactivated my account and it's honestly been great. I no longer feel the stress of making my life appear perfect or pretending to care the how the life of people I no longer speak to is going. Even with my birthday on Monday, I got wished a happy birthday by a select few people because I was no longer posting a photo to remind people it was my "big day". I don't miss seeing the wonderful lives of people on a screen because I'm busy living mine. I only get on my phone when someone messages me. I spend my time doing actual things, like reading an abundance of books, hanging out with my friends, and spending time with my family. Life isn't always perfect, but it's much better when I'm not spending my time obsessing over how much better everyone's life is than mine; I'm busy enjoying it.