Alohaaaaaaa and welcome back to my blog ! For a very long time I intend to write this article, and honestly I don't know why I didn't, so I feel I've waited my whole life to do it!

I don't tagg someone, so this challenge can be done by anyone who wants to do it !

Today I''ll show 13 totally random facts about me,so let's get started !

1. I don't drink coffee but I really love its smell. Umm, paradox or not??
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2. I'm a Vintage Victim and I'm obsessed with everything that's up with old style,especially '60s-'70s style.
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3. I support the LGBTQ community. I think those people are absolutely normal and nothing makes them different from us.
4.I'm feminist. Yes, I am and I think everyone should be. Feminism is a concept that everyone should respect and adopt because for a very long time in human history there was gender inequality. Women were and still are (in some world areas) sobordinated to men wich still violate certain principles and women's rights.
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5.I'm a very emotional person.
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6.Althrought I hate cold and wet weather, at the same time I love the Nordic countries of Europe (especially Norway) and I wouldn't ever feel bored visiting this amazing country and even settle down there!
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7. I don't wear makup. A natural look in a room full of ''decorative dolls'' makes the room shine. I don't judge anyone (I'm trying to improve my pacifist attitude) but I think we've forgotten what real beauty means.
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8.I'm in love with Italian and Chinese cuisine.
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9.Burgundy , Maroon and Yellow are definitely my colors.
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10.Falling in love is the most beautiful feeling I've ever felt. It giver you life,wings to fly,energy and some heat more than the sun can give you. (actually in my opinion).
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11. I love handwriting aestethics.
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12. Someday I want to write a book that will contain philosophical paragraphs.
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13.I love the smell of old/new books,the smell of the soil after rain and that fragrance of freshly cut grass.

Well,making this article was fun and I think every blogger should try this type of article !

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