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Welcome to m first full article! This is part one of a how to love yourself series that I will be writing! I am an inspirational writer and my goal is to spread love, happiness and inspiration to everyone who reads. You will learn more about me later but for now, drop a heart if you like it, it would really mean a lot to me!

Imagine you walk into a store. You see an article of clothing that you LOVE, so so much that you feel a magnetic urge between the soft, beautiful fabric and your fingertips.You can’t resist but to pick it up and try it on. It's fits like a glove. You look BEAUTIFUL in it. Every flaw, you appreciate. The colour is the most amazing colour you have ever seen. You accept that every bump, rip, flaw, and seem is what make it unique. You buy it. How could you not if you love it that much? You are proud of it, you feel confident in it. You would never DARE to give it away, change it, or “grow out of it”. But then you see it. Someone else is wearing a cooler shirt, nicer pants, and flawless shoes. They are BETTER THAN YOU. One moment you felt like you were a queen wearing it, and the next you feel like throwing it in the trash and buying something new. How could it be that this happens?

This shirt, these leggings, whatever you imagined, is you. Your skin. Why would you DARE to change it if you once loved it so much? Did you ever worry about what people thought of you when you were little? NOBODY FITS YOUR SKIN BETTER THAN YOU. And know that people will see you and be jealous of YOU, too. Someone will always be better than you at something, but you will always be better than them at something. And anyone else.

So own your flaws, they are what make you an individual. Wear what makes you feel confident, not what makes someone else think you are “cool”. And surround yourself with who, and what you TRULY love. Because you are the only you o this planet. Own it, because if your fav model decides that her unique nose is beautiful, suddenly you realize, “Oh, the nose I once hated is now the new trend, cool.” So be your own model, and rock it, find your flaws and love them, and be you.

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