hi guys! this article really has no sole purpose except to share some of my favorite songs at the moment!

before i start, i just want to say that i have no specific 'taste' in music. i often just find songs that i love, listen to them for a week on repeat, and then find a new song to obsess over. i don't prefer a certain genre of music or anything like that.

1. Tracy Chapman- Fast Car

2. Sufjan Stevens- Visions of Gideon

3. Lord Huron- The Night We Met

4. Daughter- Youth

5. NF- Paralyzed

6. Daughter- Home

7. Banners- Half Light

8. Cuco- Lover is a Day

9. Coldplay- Fix You

10. Lavi- Pink Bubblegum

11. Vancouver Sleep Clinic- Someone to Stay

12. Kaleo- Way Down We Go

13. Petit Biscuit- You

14. Brighton- Forest Fire

14. Hozier- Like Real People Do

15. Coldplay- The Scientists

16. Andrew Belle- The Enemy

17. Lana Del Rey- Young and Beautiful (an iconic bop)

18. Lontalius- It's Not Love

alright that's it woo!

i'm sorry that a lot of these songs are somewhat common, but they're all pretty amazing and i 10/10 recommend all of them.