Mommy, I can see heaven from up here.

The sky is so close, I can feel it near.

I know it's beautiful and and so crystal clear

I want to go up there so I won't ever fear.

I hear angels every night

I wake up and I always see light

Daddy told me a lot about heaven

I know last time you saw me was when I was seven

I can see you waving at me, can you hear me?

Your in a better place now, can you even see me?

Tell God I said Hi

I pray this won't be my last goodbye

Thank you God for the birds that sing

Thank you God for every single little thing

I've been a good girl

I just don't eat veggies, they make me hurl

Mom, I still have the necklace you gave me

I'm just so happy that you even made me

I think about you every single day

I think about how you blessed me in every major way

I know that I wont ever have to hide

Because you will always be by my side

Me and Dad are doing great and we miss you

Just know that I love you and I always see you

Poem by @babyfranny on whi ♡