Here's a little article on some of the things I like hope you enjoy ((;

Music Artist: Frank Ocean, XXX Tentacion, G Eazy & The Weeknd

frank ocean, soft ghetto, and cyber ghetto image trap, tentacion, and music image g-eazy and geazy image legend, singer, and xo image
Songs: Moon River, Moonlight, Sad Boy & Acquainted (all by the artist above)

Color Palette:

90s, retro, and yellow image chokers, gold, and jewels image aesthetic, black, and black&white image red, neon, and aesthetic image


fashion, style, and jeans image fashion, red, and style image fashion, pink, and aesthetic image dirty image


makeup, eyebrows, and eyeshadow image makeup, red, and beauty image girl, Nude, and perfect image makeup, lipstick, and beauty image


nails, blue, and style image lilac, purple, and style image nails image nails and yellow image

Xtras:Quotes, Spanish Music, Memes, Vinyls, Teddy Bears, Gold Rings, Tea & Dyed hair

aesthetic, beige, and korean image red, hair, and red hair image rings, ring, and gold image reaction, meme, and reaction picture image