I know school can be hard and boring so I decided to share my best tips for surviving school


getting enough sleep makes your day so much better. if you sleep enough, you will feel more awake, energized and happy. Your day will be much easier if you get enough sleep. you will be able to concentrate, pay attention and be more positive in classes. sleeping is key

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have morning routines to get a good, relaxed start to your day. Plan your outfit, meals and back your bag the night before so you don´t have to stress in the morning. If you have a nice morning your day will be better and you won´t be stressed when you get to school.

You should also have sleeping routines for when you´re going to bed and waking up. Remember to keep the routines in the weekends, even though you want to sleep in, so your routines don´t get messed up


Always have a bottle of water with you. Drinking water is so important and by drinking water throughout the day will make you stay hydrated, keep your concentration and energy up. It´s much better and healthier to drink water than energy drinks. You also avoid headaches by drinking water and it will help you feel refreshed and awake the whole school day.

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eating is so so so important! Always remember to eat a healthy breakfast and lunch. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. When you eat breakfast your concentration and performance in the classroom will get improved. You will also get energy and strength by eating breakfast, so your whole school day will get better by eating breakfast

Also, always remember to eat lunch. I recommend making a healthy lunch the night before so you can just bring it the next day. You can also buy your lunch at school, but you will save money and get healthier food if you make it at home. Lunch is an important meal because it refills your energy and it´s important to remember lunch to get through a whole day of classes

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there´s a lot of recipes on good and healthy school lunches and breakfasts online on we heart it or tumblr if you need inspiration


Pay attention in class. I know it might be boring, but it is much better to pay attention in class than learning everything by yourself the night before a test. Your homework will be easier if you paid attention in class and you don´t have to study that much for a test if you paid attention in all the classes


take notes. When you take notes in the classes, you can look back on them when you have a test. You will remember things you learned better if you took notes in the class. It will also be easier to pay attention in class if you write notes, because you have to pay attention to be able to write any notes.

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if you think its hard to take good notes in class you can find a lot of tips online and I can make an article about it later


taking breaks is extremely important if you want to do good in school. If you don´t take any breaks you will get tired of studying. Take breaks when you study to not lose your motivation.
If you´re able to, use your breaks during the school day to actually take a break. Take a break and talk to your friends or relax so your mind is relaxed and ready for next period.

check tests

If you want good grades, I recommend to always check your tests before you hand them in. Go through your answers or read through your text and look for wrong answers, typos or mistakes. This is important so you avoid annoying mistakes that ruins your grades
also check your test when you get it back to make sure the teacher hasn´t made a mistake. You should look at the feedback your teacher gave you to know what to need to do to get better.

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learning method

Find out how you like to learn and what works best for you. Do you learn best by reading about the topic, using flashcards or writing. By finding out what works best for you, it will be easier to study and you will learn faster

interesting topics

If you can choose your topic in a school project, it´s important to choose a topic you find interesting. If you think the topic is interesting, you will have more fun reading about it and it will turn out better. It shows on your project if you had fun doing it, so this is important for your grades and yourself.


Last, but not least; have fun. Make studying fun in some way. Wear comfy clothes, have food and drinks listen to music and always reward yourself after you´ve studied or gotten a good grade to keep your motivation up.

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good luck