There is no rule that says you must love someone. But sometimes it happens. Even if you don't want it, sometimes you fall in love with someone you don't know very well but it doesn't matter to your heart. Mention the heart, why do we say it is my heart that loves you, when I love you with all my body, when all of it wants you and needs you- the truth is: it is my brain who loves you. Why do we give such an irresponsible felling to an organ that only pulse the blood to all your body? I didn't said the heart isn't important. But all that stupid quotes "follow your heart but take your brain with you", what am I suppose to do with my heart? Follow him, to where?
It is my brain who loves you. It is my brain you sees all your imperfections and still wants you. It is my brain that keeps me up at night thinking about you.
But it doesn't matter. My heart, my brain, my vagina, I can love you with all these but the point is that I love you. My body loves you or at least some part of my body wants you. Now imagine all your body begging to just one simple person.
Your brain have felt for his intelligence, his sense of humor, his smile, his laugh and his voice.
Your heart, if he could fall for something, he would fall for his hands around you, his kindness and perhaps his simplicity.
Your vagina, well this part of your body wants all of his body. I believe this is the easiest to understand even if some people don't agree you can love someone with that. You love with your vagina when you feel sexual attraction with other person.
What I fell for you it isn't love. I don't know very well what it is but my body does. My vagina knows she wants you, but don't feel special, you are not the only one she loves. My heart, he melts for you, he beats very fast when you are around. My body is calling you every time I see you. All my body is begging for your touch, your smell, your smile. My body wants you and I know that. But my brain, he isn't so sure.

He knows it is wrong wants you. Maybe he is being selfish since he doesn't want to fall for you but I think he is just afraid of being hurt. He just wants the best for me. Are you the best for me?
If my body wants you but my brain doesn't, can I call this love? Is it love when I want you, I need you but at the same time I don't as I am going to get hurt?
I am confuse and so do you. Do you know what you feel for me? Am I just another girl?
We have time or at least I hope so. One day maybe my brain will agree with all body. Perhaps not about you but somebody else.
At the moment I just don't want to get hurt. Please don't hurt me. Please don't show me he is right. Please don't give reasons to my brain not to love you.

Thanks everyone for reading
Ly bb