Boring facts

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I'm 16 and so sad that my childhood far away, i just want to be fucking 6 years old hahahaha
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I'm half german and half lithuanian
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I speak german, lithuanian, english and a little bit french bc of school
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I'm pisces and i believe into zodiac signs
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i am also totally superstitious ....or paranoid and have too much fantasy
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I am also totally into supernatural stuff and my friends always make fun of me ...and I scare the hell out of them and then make fun of them
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I have a super cute dog and totally in love with that boo but he loves my momma like she is his God cause I'm just the mean boss and cleaner but she is the food giver and always nice #sadlife


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I just don't have fucks to give


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Shirts with quotes, faux fur, always Adidas jacket, high waisted jeans and Leo print is my love


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If I'm not on my phone on instagram or WHI then I'm dancing (Latin ballroom dancer or dancing zumba), watching Netflix, playing piano or eating ( I'm a huge binge eater, but also meeting with my friends for some fast food)


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I love supernatural, roxanne roxanne, white girl and riverdale, but also American horror story


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Black and red

I am upset with...

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