NOT EDITED, i wrote it in a rush. i will edit soon.

"your friendship has brought glorious technicolor in my life. it's been there even at the darkest of times, and i am the luckiest person alive for that gift." - love, rosie

i just wanted to write like a little something for my two friends - luna and mini. i didn't want to use their real names for two reason:
i) they may not like it lmao
ii) if any other friends of mine read it, they may get offended tbh.

the real reason im writing this; on each of their birthdays i dont need to write them a message i can just send them the link of this! (im joking)


let's start with luna cause i've known her for a long time.

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now luna, was one of my first ever friends, okay she was probably the first friend i ever had.

it's been more than a decade since i've known her and honestly that just shows how strong our bond really is.

we've been through so much together, 12 years is a very long time but we still remain close and are as tight as ever and that warms my heart. there obviously have been so many misunderstandings and there have been so many times where we have had to pick two different sides but here we are, we are fine and that's what matters.

we both are earth signs, maybe that's why we have so much in common, but really we relate to each other on a spiritual level, im not even kidding. there are so many weird things that we both like that nobody else likes and we have so many similarities.

the reason i used the word 'luna' as her alias is because she reminds me of the moon, she is so bright and just happy.


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now mini, i have known her forever too, but we weren't really friends and honestly i dont think we liked each other that much. but for the past 3 years we've gotten very close and i consider her to be one of my favorite people.

i remember once my mother told me that she always thought mini and i would grow up to be close, and that did come true. i love her so much, she really is someone i can talk to whenever i want and about whatever. i have told her so much that i haven't told anyone and that's probably because i trust her so much and she is not judgmental at all.

one thing that we both have in common is luxurious and materialistic things (which is bad i guess lol) but that's one thing that really unites us and like i said, she doesn't judge which is the best thing.

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they also really love friends so here's a little something to make them smile.

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all in all, im just very grateful for the two of them and i just wanted to make this little appreciation post cause we've all just been so stressed out lately and i just wanted to make them smile. i also wanted to get back to writing :) i'll do the dubai post soon.