Hello everyone 💫
This is my Top 5 Amazing Songs

05. Naps (Ft Soolking) - Favela
This song is French. I am from Belgium that's the reason why I listen often to French songs. All the french songs have a good vibe and a summer vibe.
This one is one of them. ☀️

04. L'Algérino - Va Bene
I love this song, when I listen to this, I just wanna go on vacation. 🧡

03. Post Malone - Psycho ft. Ty Dolla Sign
I don't listen to Post Malone very much but this song is amazing. Love it! 🤩

02. Kris Kross Amsterdam ft Jorge Blanco - Gone is the night
Amazing summer song! Sh*t Love it!! ☀️

01. Migos - Walk it Talk it ft. Drake
Every song of Migos is amazing. And let's not talk about the king Drake!
This song is amazing, it has a great vibe. Chillin' vibe 😝