My arm tells a story.

An over whelming story, of you & me.

I know I should walk away but theirs beauty that hides in the pain

The hell you've endured has made your heaven a reality.

As I sit and stitch up the wounds from the words.

I contemplate the ever lasting suspension of the...

...Love lost, it's defining to believe that

You left me and now here in heaven it rains all day long with out you

I didn't believe it'd be sunny the day you died.

Temporarily removed

This is about my best friend who had unfortunately took her own life on Christmas last year. 3 days prior to this I had spoken to her over the phone witch she had reassured me she was alright.

Please Please Please; don't ever assume someone is fine, the mental struggles people go through while smiling are vary real. & If I could help at least just one person with my writings or being a outlet to talk too, I'd consider it a win.

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With that being said: I make it a genuine goal everyday to put a smile on someone's face either my own, someone I know, or a complete stranger.
I hope others start this goal as well.

With love always, Casper <3