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I’m finally back with a #LastBookIRead and his time, I’ve got exciting news...*me and Kara (link below) are making this into a tag now!* as you might know from Kara’s book reviews and this tag I started, we both love books and decided to continue this tag in a different way. We’ve been planning for a while but I never got a chance to start writing one since my book was so long 😂. Anyway, here it is!

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The purpose of this tag is to spread the love of reading and get to know a wider range of books out there! Honestly, anyone can do this, but you can also tag your friends if you want to, and if you think they will enjoy doing this tag! (I hardly ever add pictures since I can’t find good ones related to my book, but it’s up to you to add pictures or not. You may also want to add pictures of just books even, which is what I do sometimes.)


Author: Leah Fleming
Genre: historical fiction
Series?: no
Books in order (only if in series): NA
Rating: 9/10


This book covers the time from the sinking of the Titanic to the end of World War II. It starts with the lives of two totally different women (First Class and Third Class) who become close friends since being on the same lifeboat from the sinking. From there, the books explores the continuation of their lives and the different secrets and problems they each have. It spans over 3 generations of people and 2 continents, America and Europe (mainly England, but also a bit of Italy).
It also explores the life of an Italian man who loses his baby and wife in the sinking, and finds a new wife and starts another family. However, his life relates to one of the women we are introduced to in the beginning.


These are all optional so you can choose which ones you want to do or not. If you don’t feel like answering any, it’s fine but we recommend trying to answer at least one question. I have answered all questions so you can see all the questions we have “provided”.

What are your thoughts on the book?
It is quite complex, long and sometimes slow moving but it’s very interesting at the same time. The ending of the book is worth it though, as everything finally resolves and secrets all come out.

Who was your favourite character?
I love most of the main characters so I have no answer for this. 😂

Who was your least favourite character?
Definitely Grover Parkes.

When you started reading the book, what were your predictions for the ending?
I honestly did not think how it may end but I had some predictions for character deaths since some of the fought in the two world wars.

What two books do you think it is similar to?
I honestly don’t read much historical fiction but literally any historical fiction book on the Titanic, WWI or WWII.

Would you recommend this book? If yes, what groups of people (e.g. age wise etc.)?
I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who likes historical fiction obviously. It covers three major events in history and still carries an amazing plot.

Would you read it again?
Yes! But I would probably be screaming (internally) at the characters as I already know what has happened and all the “mysteries” that they have to uncover!

Anyway, this is it! We hope many more people will do this and spread this “tag”/“challenge” around WHI!

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