Hey there lovely!
Today I am here with 10 ways to be a little better each day.

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1. Stop gossiping

It is so tempting. We all know how easy it is to say something cruel about someone else. But is it really necessary? No. So every time you tend to fall into the gossiping world again, just change the subject. I mean the person you're making fun off also has those beautiful sides you may not see yet. You have them too. Call them out.

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2. Make people laugh

People are the most beautiful when they laugh. With this step I am not saying that you should be the class clown or a standup comedian. But even just by laughing yourself you can make people laugh. Spread your light and joy by your beautiful smile and people will follow you.

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3. Little steps

You don't have to rush every second. Take your time to enjoy the journey you're making. Think about where you are in life and the beautiful lessons you learn from it.

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4. Ignore the haters

Do your thing. You inspire people and don't stop doing that. Ofcourse there will be some haters. But imagine the people you'll inspire. The people who were afraid to do something until they saw you do it. They're seeing you stand up, no matter how much haters you'll get. So be you, do you, and forget the haters.

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5. Give

Something that will always make you feel good is giving. I love to give. Especially when they don't expect anything. It doesn't just make them feel good but it will light you up too.

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6. Spread your creativity

You are so incredibly talented. Share it. Show the world who you are and what you can do. It is okay to keep it to yourself, but never be afraid to show it.

7. Love yourself

This can be something really hard. But it is necessary. You are this beautiful human being and you deserve to be loved. And the first person to love you should be you.

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8. Turn it off

Take some time off Netflix or Instagram. Take a walk or listen to some music. Get inspired and appreciate the world for what it is. Something I really like to do is take sunset walks. The sky is turning into these beautiful colors and it just makes me feel so small but so special.

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9. Learn

Take some time each day to learn something new. When you're in school this will be easier than when you're someone who works from home. But even if it is just 10 minutes of reading, or exploring a new park or maybe even trying a new music style.

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10. Clean

This is something that helps me a lot. I make sure I clean my room everyday for just 10 minutes. You don't have to get deep into it, but even just tidying a little when you come home can make such a difference.

May this help you to live your life a little better.

Love and inspiration,

- Nicky