1. Edward Remus Lupin (Teddy) - Hufflepuff

Chace Crawford, gossip girl, and Hot image Image removed Chace Crawford, gossip girl, and Hot image Image by IsabellaAlves
Chace Crawford

2. Victoire Weasley - Ravenclaw

Image by Rosalie Chanel Image by Nadine beautiful, blake lively, and celebrities image Image removed
Blake Lively

3. Dominique Weasley - Ravenclaw

pretty little liars, ashley benson, and pll image ashley benson, pretty little liars, and pll image Image by malena. Image by jessy cat
Ashley Benson

4. Louis Weasley - Gryffindor

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Austin Butler

5. Molly Weasley II - Gryffindor

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Molly Quinn

6. Lucy Weasley - Hufflepuff

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Emma Stone

7. Fred Weasley II - Gryffindor

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Luke Pasqualino

8. Roxanne Weasley - Gryffindor

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Shay Mitchell

9. Rose Granger-Weasley - Gryffindor

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Jane Levy

10. Hugo Granger-Weasley - Hufflepuff

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Thomas Brodie Sangster

11. James Sirius Potter - Gryffindor

Image by Arlecchino Image by Arlecchino Image by Arlecchino boy, glasses, and gaspard ulliel image
Gaspard Ulliel

12. Albus Severus Potter - Slytherin

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Skandar Keynes

13. Lily Luna Potter - Ravenclaw

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Georgie Henley

14. Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy - Slytherin

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Alex Pettyfer

15. Lysander Scamander - Hufflepuff

Temporarily removed Hunter Parrish image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
Hunter Parrish

16. Lorcan Scamander - Hufflepuff

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Chord Overstreet