hiiii my lovess!
today a post bout my skincare routine.
I want a glow skin so i keep this skincare until I get it!


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first thing I wash my face with cold water and the "bioderma atoderme" shower gel.
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I took the bio oil and mass my face with it.
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when it's dry I put my face cream "hydrance spf 20" (this cream has a protection against the sun, it's good) but if your day cream does not contain put some sun cream even on cloudy / rainy days
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to finish the morning routine I put some oil on my eyebrows. the "hei poa pur moinoi de tiaré" and Vaseline on my lips


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I take a shower at night, so I wash my face (with the same cleanser as in the morning).
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I still hydrate my face with bio oil. then I put castor oil on my eyebrows and eyelashes to grow them.
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when it's dry I put my "uriage cold cream" and some vaselina on my lips again

so that's it. it's not crazy I know...
if you have some tips for a glowy skin send me a postcard pleaseeee.
I want to grow my eyebrows and my eyelashes, the castor oil works very well for now. Vaseline makes my lips all sweet and beautiful!