Deciding Whether Or Not Renting A Tent Makes Sense
Many people wonder when the expense of renting a tent is justified. Our team is happy to assist in making the decision about whether a tent makes sense for a given event. There are some fundamental things those on the fence will want to keep in mind. These include:

Weather Conditions And Climate
If there is a chance that the weather is likely to be oppressively warm or especially cold on the event date, a tent can be a smart option. Should rain threaten to fall on the day of an event, having a tent can offer valuable peace of mind. Tents are ideal for keeping guests, food, and furnishings safe from the elements and adding an extra layer of comfort.

Given that they are structures in and of themselves, tents may represent a significant expense. There is also time and effort involved in having them erected. Therefore, it is necessary to weigh the pros and cons of such an outlay when contemplating the overall budget for an event.

Event Theme And Vibe
Tents can be a great way to set the stage for any event. They transmit a signal that something big is about to happen. Structures of this sort also allow for decorative additions and lighting that can create almost any mood the hosts desire. Outdoor events that are more informal in nature may benefit instead from the use of umbrellas a means to generate shade.

If an event is meant to host a significant number of guests in a relatively small area, tents may not be the right way to go. This is because tents require at least five to ten feet around the perimeter, something which may not always be available.

The professionals on our team can assist in assessing the right size tent for your event, a calculation which will depend on what must be Included In the tented area.

Potential Add-Ons
Buffet/Serving Tables
Guest Tables For Seating
Cake Table
Dance Floor
DJ Stand
Display/Auction Space
Are Sidewalls Required:
If the weather will be cold, yes.
If rain is expected, yes.
If the wind is a consideration, yes.
If heat will be an issue, perhaps.
If there is a need to disguise a feature of the landscape, yes.
Remember, too, that a tent’s sidewalls can be equipped with windows, but there are also windowless versions available. There really is a tenting solution to suit every situation.

Temperature Control
It is essential that all guests are kept comfortable, and to aid in that effort, modern tent rental options are able to integrate heating and cooling systems that work beautifully.

Ultimate Decision Making
After all of the above factors have been contemplated, and it has become clear that a tent is perfect for the event in question, it is advisable to make a site visit. In this way, it is easy to ascertain exactly what size tent will work in the space to be used. Further, it helps your Houston tent rental consultant understand what your event truly needs and how to make your vision come to life.

Learn more about your project, by requesting a quote, visiting our blog, or giving us a call!