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I've seen some people doing that thing and it looked fun, so I'm going to write that article.
My name is Anita and I'm fifteen (I'm turning sixteen in July!); as you can see, my mother tongue isn't English (I know I'm writing horribly, I'm trying to improve!), but Italian.

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Some basic infos 'bout me: I'm an INFP-T, enneagram 4w5 (I think), Cancer m/s and Virgo rising.

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I'm really passionate about the "Earth" and the cultures of different countries: actually, I'm studying English, French and German at school, but I want to learn Russian, Japanese, Bahasa Indonesia, Polish, Korean... My list is too long, hahahah. I'd also like to visit a lot of countries. Talking with somebody foreign really would be beautiful!

My other interests are:

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figure skating: I watch competition and also practise it! (here where I live there aren't ice rinks😭, so I do roller skating);

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literature: I learnt reading at like five years old and since then I've never stopped! I'm open about all kinds of books and I'd love to talk about them;

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music: do I really have to add something? I listen to almost everything, and, as for books, I'm open to suggestions and "music exchanges". I'm also trying to learn playing the guitar, but with very poor results...;

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art & drawing: I breathe art! I particularly enjoy architecture, even if I'm not expert of it. And I love drawing.

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This article is becoming too long, hahah;; if you'd like to chat with me, even if we have different interests, you can write me there (even if I don't really know how to chat there... I'm stupid ;;) or on Tumblr (my url is waiting1111). I'd like not to write my Instagram user or other personal information right now, but once we talked a bit why not?

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