1. Who´s your favourite female character?

lili reinhart, riverdale, and flowers image madelaine petsch, riverdale, and cheryl blossom image
I really love they soo much

2. Who´s your favourite male character?

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I love Archie too, but, you know, he is changing by Veronica

3. Who´s your least favourite female character?

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Now I hate Veronica and I still hating Penelope

4. Who´s your least favourite male character?

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I don´t believe you, Chic

5. Have you read the comics?

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No, but I would like

6. Who´s your favourite parent?

riverdale, fred andrews, and diner image Image by Reni

7. Who´s your least favourite parent?

bitch, blossom, and Cheryl image Image removed amazing, inspiration, and lodge image riverdale image

8. What was your initial thought of the show? Did it change after you started to watch?

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It hasn´t changed, I liked it from the beginning, sometimes more and others less but it's a great series

9. Who do you ship the most?

riverdale, cole sprouse, and lili reinhart image riverdale, cole sprouse, and bughead image riverdale, vanessa morgan, and cheryl blossom image gif, riverdale, and vanessa morgan image
Bughead and Choni are my life