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So, this spring I saw a lot of `how to get motivated ` `my workout routine ` `self-care-routine ` articles and thought about writting an article about how I became more self-aware. I already did an article about my clothes a ka wardrobe check, because I think how you dress yourself is a big step to get more self-aware.

Warning: Long post ahead!

here it is if your`re interessted

But what is self-awarness? In my opinion it means: know yourself. Know your body, your mind and thoughts. For a young adult like me it isn`t easy to know their own character very well - yet. We are easily influenced by others as our friends and family. We haven`t had the same time as our parents or even grandparents, to get to know ourselfs. But focusing on ourself, on yourself, on how you treat yourself and how you treat others is the first step to get to know you and become more self-aware.

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Talking from personal experience, I always been the girl who never really fit in and changed herself to go with the flow. It never really worked... So I became the crazy and always smiling girl. After some years it became exhausting. I didn`t really changed myself yet, but I get more self-aware because I thinking more often about myself and about my behavior. It tooks its time but now I think I know what kind of girl I want to be.

> Why should I care what other people think of me? I am who I am. And who I wanna be.<<

Maybe you know the singer who said that. I somehow can relate to that. Even if I just said I didn`t really changed myself, people close to me and espacially my parents recognized that I changed. My parents told me that I shouldn´t worry about what others think of me, that I am perfect as I am now. But that`s not it. I tried to tell them, but they wont listen. I don`t care what others think about me! Of course I want to be liked, even loved by others. I want to be a nice and polite, thoughtful and still childish and happy person, but not because of others but because of ME!

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That`s it: choose to be happy! Try being the person you need to be - better: you want to be - to be happy. People gonna stay or gonna leave. It`s important, that you can be happy with the person you are! The right people will came to you because of the person you are!

I got a little carried away, sorry. Let`s get back to the topic!

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Getting more self-aware is easy. When you`re reading this article you already doing the right steps. As I mentioned above, dressing and outer appearance is a big step to more self-awareness. Taking more time for your outer looks will make you think about yourself more. Maybe you find yourself thinking, I could use a hair cut, maybe I should use other make-up, maybe non at all. Maybe you will change your clothes and this effort in your appearance makes you more confident to stand for yourself and find out what you like and want!

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Also, make sure you take care of your body. Have one or two glow up days a week. Make a face mask, watch your favourite movie, listen to your happy playlist and eat whatever you like!
Mentioning eating: Be aware of your eating habits. Do you feel happy with your body? Personally I eat vegan and avoid bad carbs - I tried a lot of differnet eating-habits and found out, that this is what suits my body best. But if you are okay with meat and diary and a lot of carbs that`s ok, too. Just be aware to feed your body the right way!

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Going on with your body. Self-awareness isn´t only a state of mind. It is also part of body-awareness. I use to workout at least four to five times a weak, most of the time in the morning, because for me it`s a good start in the day. 20 minutes Cardio and 20 Minutes Aerobic, Yoga or just a simple workout. It may be just a personal ideal-typ, but I would like to have a flat belly and defined musculatur. I don`t like being to skinny and on the same time I don`t like too many curves. How you train your body may not seem important for self-awareness at the first sight or maybe seems to be superficial, but believe me, working out increases your sense of your body and helps you feel more comfortabe in your own skin.

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You may now questening yourself, why I told you all of that. Maybe this seems like a simple lifestyle - gain- confident - and stuff - article to you. But what I wanted to point up is: Through all this above mentioned points, you focus more on yourself. And that`s what increases self-awareness! The focus on yourself. Above mentioned points are examples for how to focus more on yourself. I think they`re some examples you can easily realise and I hope I could help you start thinking more about yourself.

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