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I'm here again with another tag. Today I am going to do the #HonestyTag. I got tagged by my friend Kara. It was originally created by Michel.

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(I am going to make this article look a little bit different than my other articles so I hope you like it! I think that it fit now when it's Spring and everything. And it looks pretty.)

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How often do you lie?

  • I usually never lie so that's hard to say. I try to avoid lying as much as possible. And to be honest, I suck at lying. I don't have a so called "poker face" so you could easily see on my face if I am lying or not. And I find it quite hard to lie too. I don't feel comfortable doing it. So I rather skip the whole lying thing.
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Honesty or loyalty?

  • I see myself as a very loyal and honest person in general but especially with my family and friends. I don't have any reason to not being honest with them. And I am always loyal to them. I support my family and friends no matter what and I love to help them if needed.
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On a scale of 1 to 10, how honest are you?

  • I would probably say 9. I am a very open person. I believe that everyone have lied at least once in their life time and not being honest with themselves. I have lied about small, unimportant things before but I try to avoid it because I feel uncomfortable not being honest but I guess that it depends in what situation you are in.
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Do you always say what you really think?

  • Yes, in fact I do. I have my own rights and opinions and so do you. So I find it extremely important to always say what you think as long as your not hurting another individual. Everyone have different perspective over things, and it's always going to be like that.
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Have you ever lied to your parents?

  • Yes, I have. But it was ages ago. And it wasn't even big lies. But I never lie to them anymore. We can talk about literally everything together.
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Have you ever stolen anything?

  • No.
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If you were a different person, would you be interested in being friends with someone like you?

  • Yes, I guess I would.
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Have you ever pretended to be someone’s friend but you actually weren’t?

  • That have never happen to me before, so no.
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Can you keep a secret?

  • If I hear, am told, or see something that is either expressly identified as a “secret” or seems like it may not be suitable for open knowledge then unless I am asked specifically and directly about it, unless the “secret” was specified as such, I have never really seen a point of going around talking about it. And if a friend specifically tells me that “you can’t tell this to anyone” then i won’t do it.
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Why is honesty important?

  • Without honesty there is no foundation for a lasting or enjoyable relationship in any context, whether that be with a family member, friend or romantic interest. Honesty is a voice for love that builds trust. Without it, even "I love you" becomes a lie in itself and there's no real security in the relationship. Being honest improves the relationship and saves us from having to live a lie.
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Do you think you’re a trust worthy person?

  • Definitely.
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Is it hard for you to admit that you were wrong?

  • No.
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