Welcome to the second part of my article streak about the countries I have visited ♡

If you haven't seen part1 go take a look

So lets get started with the first country


I've been in this country more than once, It has a beautiful history and the weather is most of the times great (in summer) ;)

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The country it self is beautiful, it wasn't my favorite country tbh but I liked it. especially the architecture is great!

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My own country, so yeah I'm here 24/7, it has some beautiful places but the weather is horrible so definitely need some Vitamine D and go on a trip to a country with some better weather. ;(

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Party Party Party
and some good sightseeing

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A beautiful country with a beautiful nature and an beautiful ski area.

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A country I never get enough of. beautiful weather, great for party's and you can relax

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It looks a little bit like Morocco. It is a beautiful country

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