How to pick: Furniture


You need to have a clear idea of the style you want to give the bath. This is the place of the house where our privacy is more stong than the bedroom. So you need to have a clear concept of what you want. Colors, lights.

It's gonna be Industrial? Rustic? Mediterranean?
There are a lot of styles you can pick so you better do your searchs before you pick a random one, you need to see the colors, the vibe, everything, because at the end of the day that would be plasmated in your space.

Some colors palettes:
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black and white
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all white, gives you a more relaxing and clean enviorenment
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Green, light pink, gold, gold rose, light blue.


Once you have decided, sketch up a little panoramic of your bath, this will help you to have a “view” concept of how big or small it is. And also where are the principals artefacts you can’t just move.


Write down on a list the things you don’t have in order. Are the towels all over the place? Your hygiene products where they don’t? Do you see you need something to be in sight and is not?. Once you finished the list. You will notice the deorganization (or not) and have a clear view of what you need to change.

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As you did the previous steps correctly, we can now move on to start visualisation the furniture we need. For that, based on step 1, pick a palette or Wood type you want to respect. Interiors are not about combinen it all, it’s about a baunch of things making all one. So don’t be afraid to pick 2 types of wood, more colors, etc, you can always keep it great as long as you respect the armony.

If you notice order is what you need the most

  • I recomen on using a bathroom sideboard, this will allow you to organized your towels, toilet papers, etc.
  • Wood or glass shelves will be really usefull to keep your products on sight and easy to reach.
  • If you want to go more minimal, I reccomen to use clear lines, and an usefull furniture such as a floating bathroom vanity and a white or transparent sink.
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This is my 1st article of the Interior Series I’m going to start. There is a lot to come (bedroom, living, kitchen, etc.), and I will write about other tips for you to get your home as you always wanted. It will be one per week and one different subject each time. Hope you join me in this article, feel free to send me a postcard if you need something or want me to talk/write about other. Love you all, thanks for Reading ♥