Hey there lovey!
Today I am here with 10 habits to improve your life.

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1. Reading

"Everybody loves to read. And if people say they don't, they just haven't found the right book." It is true. I think it is so important to fit just a little time into your schedule to read a little. You learn and feed your mind but it doesn't feel like learning. It feels like taking a break and just let yourself get caught in a whole other world. The feeling you get is magical.

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2. Shower

I think it is super important to start and end your days with a shower. When you start your day you feel clean and ready to go. It also has shown that you're way more productive when you're clean. When you end your day with a shower you'll see your bed as a clean safe space to take your rest. I also find it very calming.

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3. Notifications

Something I do every night is turn my notifications off. I also open all my notifications so when I wake up I only see what I got in that night and I won't be troubled with yesterdays stuff.

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4. Anxiety buddy

Something that helped me a lot is having one person you can call at all times. Someone who is there for you and is willing to hear you cry, listen to your problems and is willing to help you at all times. For me my boyfriend is my anxiety buddy. When I am stressed out I can call him and he will listen to me. His calmness will help me calm down and find a solution.

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5. Zen place

A zen place is your own beautiful place. You make it up in your head. Just think about in what environment you feel the most calm, the most yourself. You can create anything and every time you feel like you can't handle it, you go to that space in your head and just be.

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6. Excitement over stress

When you feel stressed or nervous you get shaky, a littlebit of stomachpain and you begin to sweat. Something lovely is the fact that excitement shows the same outcome. So everytime i feel super nervous, I just tell myself I am super excited.

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7. Plan

Always plan the day ahead. That way you wake up prepared and you know you won't forget anything. I always plan my days in my notes on my phone. I have the subtitles school, personal, workout, outfit, food and water. That way I know what my day will be like and makes me feel less stressfull.

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8. Emotions

It is alright to feel a lot of emotions. You won't always feel happy and that is okey. Sometimes it is really good to take a moment to yourself and just be with your emotions. You can listen to some music or write it all out. This is taking care of yourself too. Don't hold it in.

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9. Changing

Changing your environment, things you look at everyday can really help you to feel refreshed. Change things up every month and you will keep feeling inspired and new.

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10. Confidence

This can be a really hard one, but practice confidence. Smile in the mirror and admire it. If you're smiling you are also tricking your brain and you will feel happier automatically.

Love and inspiration,

- Nicky