I hope you´re having a wonderful day. ✨ Today i want to tell you something that many young people forget, and should be highly valued! Among all of these articles that tells you "how to get the perfect body" or "how to look perfect" (don't get me wrong, there are plenty of other types of articles), we seem to forget something very, very important. Don't forget to listen to yourself. I see these types of articles everyday, and they are very helpful, but why should we look perfect?

Do what you want. Eat what you want. Look how you want. Why should we pressure ourselves to become perfect? No one is perfect. Don't get me wrong, if you WANT to follow all of these directions and tips, by all means, go ahead. But don't forget your own happiness. Live your OWN life, not anyone else´s. I'm so tired of all of the pressure, how to get the perfect this and that.

Of course i want to have a perfect life and look perfect. But i don't have a perfect life and i don't look perfect. But how do i picture the perfect life? I don't really think we know what that is. I don't think no one have lived a perfect life. We need to look away from the illusion of perfection, then i think we can achieve it. How ironic is that? Make friends with whomever you want, and if you don't want friends, so what? Don't feel pressured to have hundreds of friends, thats not why you have friends anyway. Don't feel pressured to do anything.

Life will become so much easier if we just listen to ourselves. Go for a hike when social media takes over your mind a little and clean your head. Do things for your own happiness and wellbeing. Take things slow. 🍃