Failing fcking hurts. Especially when you tried so hard and still don´t achieve anything. It hurts because you´ve been trying your hardest for so long and no matter how hard you try you always fail. And from fail to fail it hurts more and more and you start feeling the pain like cuts and beatings. You start feeling numb and broken and don´t know how to carry on.

People tell me that I am trying the wrong way but no one tells me how to do it correctly. It fcking hurts getting all their sympathy and their "oh I´m so sorry" or the "Don´t worry, I´ve also been there". YOU DON´T KNOW SHIT. IT HURTS BEING THE PERSON THAT ISN´T ABLE TO ACHIEVE ANYTHING. It hurts getting told that you´re shit and will never make it because you start believing those people. You start thinking that they´re right and that you probably should stop trying. But this is the moment that you have to realize that those people don´t believe in you and that they don´t really care. You can do it and you will do it! Even if you need so much more attempts than others. It is ok. And it will be ok. You will make it and then it will be the best feeling ever. Believe in yourself.