People are constantly telling themselves and others, what they can't do. I'm here to prove you all wrong.

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1. What You Tell Yourself Is a Lie

Are you aware of how many lies you tell yourself?
Look up. Just look up right now, stop reading for a second and look up. did you do it?
If you did, then how?
The answer is because you wanted to. You told yourself you wanted to look up and you did. So now why is it that when something bad happens, all of a sudden you're unable to do things? that's a lie you tell yourself.
Or when you really want to dance, but you tell yourself I'm not good at it.
It's a lie. If you want to do it, simply tell your brain you want to do it.
The only obstacle standing in your way is a lie you tell yourself, about yourself.

2. You Are Not Them

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Most of us are brought up hearing our parents stories, about their own failures. When I talk about my dreams, my mom always tells me how she wanted to be a ballet dancer. Her father came to the studio and asked whether she could be THE BEST. The answer was she's amazing but there is no best. To what he apparently said "If she's not the best then she shouldn't do it at all" and made her quit ballet altogether. She tells me this as an example that yes we have dreams, but we don't achieve them.
My friend has a similar situation with her mother.
The thing is it is their story. Not yours. Their failure doesn't determine your success. The fact that just because they failed and have screwed up view of this world, doesn't mean that you are going to be the same. No matter who those people are that are telling you, you will fail. Realize, that it's coming from their own personal failure. Not yours. You make your own story.
Furthermore, there are people who failed, and there are people who made it.
As my favorite rapper once said

"If it was easy, everyone would do it"

- G eazy

3. If They Did, You Can Too

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As I said, there are so many people who made it. G eazy was selling mixtapes on the streets 12 years ago. Now, he's on every single radio, thousands of phones, and selling out concerts. Fall out boy was a small unknown band, playing concerts so they could feed homeless people. Now, they are one of the major bands.
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if they could do it, you can too.

4. Look for The Possibilities and You Will Find Them

You get what you focus on. If you start looking for something, you will find it. So if you feel like there are no opportunities, start looking for them. Chances are you either haven't been looking for them or you haven't been looking hard enough. Go online, type it in, do your research, ask people. It is there, everything is out there you just have to find it.
I always wanted to go to a private school, but they were all so expensive. For two years I just sat there dreaming about it. Then one day, I started digging, it turned out there was a school that gave scholarships. So I applied and soon enough I got exactly what I wanted.
If you look for it you'll find it.
If you want something, you will find a way.
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5. Take Opportunities When They Come

Think about how many offers you have already declined today. From telling your friend you can't hang out because you were too lazy, to not trying out a new technique of drawing (if that's what you're into)
We say no to so many opportunities in our lives. How do we know that one of them won't be exactly the one that we need?
If you take more opportunities, you will succeed.
If there's an open audition near you, go in!
If your friend offers you to go to a model casting with her, GO! What do you have to lose?
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6 & 7. If You Don't Know How To You Still Can, After All, We Have Wifi !

These days everything is on the internet.
How to write a song -> youtube
How to use photoshop -> Google
How to make my crush like me -> Youtube
How to tie a tie -> Youtube
You can learn to do anything without even having to pay for it, and you can get any question answered immediately.
There are tutorials on how to make ice cream at home, for Christ's sake.
And there you are saying you can't do it because you don't know how to.

8. There Is No Limit

Raise your hand the highest you can.
ok now raise it higher.
Did you do it? now realize that I said the highest you can, you thought that was your maximum potential, but then you pushed further.
There's no limit. You can always push further, remember that.
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9. There's No Limit For New Things

Just like the last one, there is no limit to the new things that can be invented and offered to this universe.
And guess what

10. You Have Something To Offer

There is no one with exactly the same ideas as you.
There is no one with exactly the same experience as you.
There is no one who can offer exactly the same thing that you can.

11. All You Need Is An Idea and Action

So use your uniqueness. In order to succeed, all you need is a unique idea to start with and then taking action.

12. Practice Makes Perfect

I know that everyone is tired of hearing this already. However, it's true.
You need to practice something in order to master it. In order to become better.
Yes Talent matters, but if someone is talented and doesn't practice, another person who might have no talent whatsoever in that particular sphere will become much better than the talented person through practice.
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13. You Decide

You are the only one who has power over you. You decide what you want and you do it.