Self love may seem like a trend to some people but for me, it's a way how to help other people. It's my second article about self love and here we go!

Before we start, let's make a nice atmosphere for you! As always, make sure you prepared your favourite snack or drink. You can lit your favourite candle because if you're anxious right now, your favourite scent can reduce your anxiety and maybe, this article will help you.

Make sure you feel comfortable and let's get started!

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1. Take your time

Don’t rush anything & take your time!

It’s important to realise self love is kinda long time run. Make sure you don’t rush anything. It may take you weeks, months and even years, just let’s be honest.

In my opinion, self love is about finding and dealing with yourself. It’s not like you wake up one day, telling yourself: “I’m going to love myself from now on!” It just doesn’t work like that, at least for me.

So, again. Don’t rush anything, take as much time as you need & remember, be patient, little footsteps are better and be sure in the end, you’ll be happy.

2. Don't compare yourself

Comparing yourself to other people is the worst thing you can do. I know, sometimes you just can't help yourself and your brain is asking you, "Why am I not like these girls?"

It's true you can't be like the other people and you know what? It's totally okay! Maybe you can wear the same clothes like the girls you meet everyday at your school but you know what? It's okay!

It's okay you're not like them. Why? Because YOU can be even BETTER than them. Remember that being yourself is great, it's okay and DON'T compare yourself to other people.

You're gorgeous in your own way and there's nothing better than being yourself. Remember that, darling.

3. You matter! + crying

Hey, girl/boy, I want you to know that YOU MATTER! And I also want you to know that crying is okay for everyone. Yes, everyone.

It's okay to show there's something wrong. It's okay to talk about your feelings. Just don't worry to cry because tears will flush the bad feels away like waves on a beach flush away the sand.

4. The imperfections

Look at yourself in the mirror and ask, "Would it be me without all the "imperfections"?" I don't think so!

Try to deal with the imperfections because they make YOU. I know, it's really hard to deal with your look when you absolutely hate it but be sure it wouldn't be you without all these things. And also be sure it makes you perfect.

As I said, this is long time run but! It's worth it. So again, take your time, it is worth it, YOU ARE worth it and in the end, you'll be happy.

5. Wear what you want!

It is important to feel comfortable when you go outside. That means it's important to wear comfortable clothes. Wear what YOU want!

If you like wearing skirts, wear it!
If you like wearing classy clothes, wear it!
If you like clothes for boys, wear it!

It really doesn't matter what you wear because the most important thing is to feel comfortable and you'll see your anxiety will go away!

6. Self love is not selfish!

The last thing I'm going to write about today is the fact that self love is not selfish! Every single person on Earth deserve to feel good, comfortable and confident. ♡

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