Hey everyone!

I wasn't really tagged to do this challenge but I decided to do it anyway because it looks like a lot of fun. This What's in My Bag article will consist of basic items I put in my school bag, excluding the actual school stuff.


pink, aesthetic, and candle image aesthetic, black and white, and minimal image
For contacting people, gaming, and listening to music.


music, gold, and silver image book, drawing, and earphone image
Just so I can listen to music on my way to school and going home. I also like watching series while doing my plates for school.


chanel, fashion, and YSL image fashion, black, and style image
For my money.

Coin Purse

etsy, coin purse, and change purse image cat print dress, cat coin purse, and gift ideas for cat lovers image
I call this my "commute wallet" since I sometimes commute to school. I also separate my money for commuting from the rest of my money to avoid theft because it happens a lot in my country.


aesthetic, bullet, and planner image planner, bullet, and diary image
For writing down deadlines, plans, things to do, and things to remember.

Foldable Fan

pink, fan, and vintage image birthday, fan, and wedding image
Because 1) I'm a full blown asian and 2) it's always hella hot living a tropical country

Makeup Bag

makeup, beauty, and tumblr image makeup, beauty, and lipstick image
Usually consists of my face powder, eyebrow pencil, cheek tint, and...a few lipsticks to choose from. It's hard to choose.


alternative, grunge, and hand image pills, pink, and painkillers image
A little TMI for some but I bring painkillers with me because I have horrible period cramps. My classmates also ask me for some when they're going through the same thing.

Water Bottle

chanel, water, and luxury image Image by Nadya Martins
Because I live in a tropical country and I'm usually dehydrated, I always need water with me.


unicorn, iphone, and case image pizza, cool, and indie image
You'll never know when you need it.

Hand Sanitzer

fall, autumn, and pumpkin image fragrance, b&b, and hand sanitizer image
For hygiene purposes and because art school makes my hands dirty.