I find a way finally for forget you. It called blind love. I find someone from internet and we started talking. I was quiet shy for chatting with him. I do not know him. But he liked me.

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That day I was waiting for him. He must call me for blind dating. This guy can be the greatest love of my life or the bad dating day.
It was normal day but he did not called.

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Today I am waiting again. Again for call. Again for somebody. I do not know who is he. I saw just his photo and chatted a little bit. Maybe I might not say okay for blind date.
Next day he write a message. About his phone problem. It was broken. So he could not call me. We started talking again and we will choose a day for dating again.
In this way can I forget you?
For now, I have no idea is it right? Am I doing bad thing? I do not know.

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Sorry X

Bye for now. To be continued.