Hi guys,
today I expecially write for books lovers, but everyone can read this.
Some times ago I read a book called 'The truth about the Harry Quebert affair'. It talks about the life of a famous writer, Marcus Goldman. At some point in his career, it happens to him what he had feared the most: he has the writer's block. But something unexpected happens: his university professor, Harry Quebert, also his best friend, is charged with the murder of a girl, Nola Kellergan, who took place 33 years before. Marcus, sure of his friend's innocence, abandons everything to conduct his own investigation.
But his task is not only to find out who killed the young Nola, but also write a new novel very successful.

It's a very addicted book. I've literally love it. It's long enough, but you will not stop reading it 'til you have arrived at the end. I recommend it to everyone who want to read a new book. If you'll read it, let me know what what do you think about.