Hi everyone! I hope you are well. Today I'm going to talk about Pretty Little Liars. I've never seen a challenge like this, at least with this TV show, so I think I'm the author of this one.

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v a l e n

I don't know if this is a challenge or tag or what, but is the only name i can think

As always, sorry for my bad English, I'm trying to improve.

"Well, you know what they say about hope, it breeds eternal misery." -Spencer Hastings

I will try not to spoil those who did not see it or finish it, or to warn them when there is a spoiler.

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Let's get started!

01. Favourite female character

Spencer and Emily are two of the characters with whom I identify most of all the series, and that makes them my favourite of this (I love myself too much, don't you think?). But I think that as a character, Spencer Hastings is my favourite.

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02. Favourite male character

Although (spoilerrr⚠️) I felt very disappointed when we found out that he was going out with Aria for his book, from the beginning Ezra Fitz seemed a very cute character and I think we all managed to forgive him.

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03. Least favourite character

I'm between Noel Kahn and Ian, but I clearly take this one.

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04. Favourite ship

Spoby is definitely the most wonderful couple, they deserve everything.

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05. Ship you like but won't happen

God, this ship would be everything, who can be better than those two? 😂

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06. Who I thought was -A

Since the beginning (spoilerrr⚠️) I thought Alison was alive and it was she who tormented them, after a while I thought she was definitely dead and I fell into the trap!

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That's all!

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Do it and name me so I can see your favorite characters!

I hope you like it,


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