You made me sad, now be sad with me
and watch as my negative energy
destroys everyone around us
because when I fall,
I bring everybody down with me.

You wouldn't be up here without me
always helping you climb
and for now I live in your shadow
but know that when I fall,
you fall right down with me.

You're dancing on top of the world
but don't forget who brought you here
because I won't take this for much longer
and when I'm gone,
you'll fall down eventually

Rip off your mask,
and let them see the real you
sell them all your sweet little lies
that I bought, oh so naively
show them, or I will,

because taking myself down is a small price to pay to see you leave
so fear me, as I've feared you
for I don't care if I fall,
as long as you go down with me