Hello Hearters! Today's inspo is the current period of my life that I'm deciding what should I study at Uni. I've been thinking very seriously and now I can present my top 5 jobs. Enjoy!

flight attendant, girl, and plane image
Flight Attendant: My biggest dream! Juicy fact: My grandma & grandpa were flight attendant & pilot. Cute, isn't it?!
girl, book, and study image
Journalist: My semi-secret talent! I'm so passionate about writing articles, essays, facts and always searching for new topics n stuff. Absolutely love it!
aesthetic, beauty, and black image
Makeup Artist: I'm kinda talented to it, as people usually tell me.
psychotherapist wimbledon image
Psychologist: A very serious one for me, but I think I'd do well.
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Historian-Archaeologist: In my homeland, Greece, this job would be interesting and the employment opportunities are really good.
basket, man, and reception image
Hotel Employee: Receptionist, metre, barista etc. The perfect workplace that's able to improve your mood once you arrive in the morning!

That's all! Hope I inspired you for studies, job or even seminars. Thanks for reading!