There is so many things people never told me about heartbreak or breaking up with someone. Maybe it's because we're obsessed with the facade of maintaining perfection. Maybe it's because I feel everything deeply when it comes to this. Maybe all breakups are different.

Some breakups seem to be liberating. Freeing. Empowering.

Mine was heartbreaking. Peaceful. Empty.

Someone who played such a big part in my life for the past two years just disappeared. Our breakup was actually quite normal. There was no fight. There was nothing big that happened that caused us to split. Maybe that's why it's so hard to let go. When you know someone's bad for you it's a lot easier to let them go. This person wasn't bad for me at all, if anything they were too good for me. They deserved a lot more and I still believe that, ultimately, they weren't the one for me.

There are days that I'm happy. I have continued on and met someone else and they make me very happy, but he lives very far away and there moments in my day where I feel alone. A feeling I never used to feel when I was in my previous relationship, which brings back all those feelings of missing someone.

I miss her very much.

No one told me that nothing hurts than breaking your own heart. Because it does. And I fight every day to heal, to improve and to grow. To love again, not only others but also myself.

So love freely, love completely & enjoy the rosy things in life...