We all know them, these things that make us lose it completely and that may seem silly to others. Here are my five things that make me laugh harder than anyone else and may seem stupid.


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If you don't get this one please watch Sherlock, BBC version

It may be stupid and old, but whenever anyone makes a pun, as stupid and obvious as it seems, I will have this quick moment of confusion and disappointment, followed by a hard laugh the more I think about it. Therefore, if you are one of those people who make puns: I love you.

Dark humour

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I have the darkest humour you have ever encountered. Way too often I have had to fight a giggle in a really inappropriate situation. There is nothing offensive to me, since I basically make fun of myself with really offensive things towards myself.

Random funny thoughts/scenes in my head

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I hope you can relate to this because I really don't want to seem crazy here: Sometimes, randomly sitting somewhere or even during an exam, my brain remembers things or make up complete new scenes that are so damn funny I actually want to laugh. It happens a lot and I definitely prefer when it happens at home, since sitting in a room with somebody laughing randomly is really creepy. For example, I imagined someone getting slapped by a pizza and in my head that scene was so funny I had to laugh randomly while walking down the street, alone.


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Sarcasm, sassy come backs... goals to me. I am pretty sarcastic myself, but that's not really anything I can do much about. When others do it, however, I'll be the one laughing in the corner until my eyes tear up. So don't try to seem all hardcore and edgy by using sarcasm because I will love it.


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People falling down, funny animals... If I see it live, I will love it. However, I hate those shows where they comment everything trying to be funny.

I hope some of the pictures could make you laugh. This is (finally!) day 29 of the 30 days writing challenge I am totally failing at. The day has only 24 hours and it is killing me!

- Eli